Monday, August 6, 2012

Don't Buy the Lie

The fist thing the people of Sodom said to Lot when he told them their actions were wrong was... "are you our judge?".  Rephrased for the current American culture 4,000+ years later is "don't judge me".  This is ment to silence those who stand for truth and allow those who follow lies to continue in their destruction.

If you knew someone had a problem with something, and it was burning them alive... would you sit back and watch them burn?  Is love watching someone burn? NOPE.

Don't be a SELFISH COWERD.  LOVE your neighbor with TRUTH; not with this lie pseudo-love of not judging them so they will burn... because the lie is, your judging, but the truth is, your loving...

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  1. what if the judjes are wrong? what can we do then? everyone is right and everyone is wrong in their own way and point of view.


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