Friday, August 3, 2012

Chris†'s Army:Chick-fil-a Drama

Whats all this hoopla about Chick-fil-a?  Its simple, an employee gave is opinion in an interview over the radio.

Why is the company to blame?  Because of they close on Sunday? Because their company donates to Christian ministries and Christian related organizations?  Because a majority of the staff support Christianity?  NO.  It was NOT a company statement or policy; it was the opinion of an employee FREELY expressed.

So lets get this straight, people who are self proclaiming hate fighters complaining about their freedoms want to silence someone else's and spread hate about Chick-fil-a? Sounds legit...

That's the point. HYPOCRISY.  People sooo mad about being hated on, HATE back... People fighting for freedom, want to SILENCE someone else's.  People wanting equal rights, LIMITING someone elses.  People claiming tolerance, not tolerating different opinions.  Judgmental Hypocrites.

Want to NOT be a hypocrite?
STAND FOR FREEDOM - for BOTH sides to speak their mind.
STAND FOR TOLERANCE - for BOTH sides and all views.

The employee of Chick-fil-a used his RIGHT and FREEDOM to voice his opinion.  It is on us to allow him THAT RIGHT, THAT FREEDOM and for us to TOLERATE his view.

Or you can be a double standard hypocrite.


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