Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Homosexuality & Homophobia

Its about time I address this growing issue.  But, I'm pretty sure most of you on both sides of the issue aren't going to like what I have to say.  So I will just make two key statements of TRUTH, then elaborate on the proof and evidences for them.

  1. Christians are WRONG to be homophobic and look down on Homosexuality and anyone who associates with it.
  2. Homosexuals are WRONG in that God does not love the action of it.
Now when I use the word 'homosexual' I am referring the the LBGT and any kind of sexual orientation outside of Heterosexuality. Keep this in mind.

 I'll start with #1 and I'll break it down logically
  1. WE (all humanity) are sinners [homosexuals and heterosexuals].
  2. SIN is all equal in that it separates us from God.
  3. God LOVES the sinner [homosexuals and heterosexuals].
  4. God does NOT love sin [homosexuals and heterosexuals].
  5. "There is NO condemnation for those who are IN CHRIST" [homosexuals and heterosexuals].
  6. Sinful people CAN be in Christ. I am sinful, and I am Christian. Unless you are perfect, you are sinful as well [homosexuals and heterosexuals].
  7. WE can NOT know if someone is privately and internally loves God for sure.
    1. Ultimately there is no difference between homosexuals and heterosexuals in that THEY ARE BOTH sinful.  
    2. THEY ARE BOTH loved by God.  
    3. THEY BOTH do things that God hates (sin).
    4. ONLY God knows the hearts of BOTH OF THEM.
    5. ONLY God will judge them.
Have you ever lied? of course.  Don't lie to your self.  Our culture gives everyone the impression that a little white lie is okay.  That in itself is a lie.  So, YOU have been or still are a liar.  So if you feel that homosexuality is a sin, why are you so condemning to their sin and not your own?  Are you the judge of their soul or God?  Are you the savior of their sinful ways or is Jesus? Who are you compared to God?  Is your mission to show them their darkness or show them God's light?

If you a negative towards homosexuals because of their homosexuality, YOU ARE IN THE WRONG as much as you think they are and thats the honest truth.

#2.  Let me be more clear on this statement.  I do NOT know the hearts of homosexuals therefore I DO NOT know their relationship or lack of relationship with God to the greatest extent.  I DO NOT condemn THEM nor do I think or feel that anyone that associates with that is 'bad'.  As I stated we are all 'bad' in our own ways in that we are all sinful.

BUT I CAN state what ACT is WRONG in itself.  I CAN state what is UNGODLY and what IS GODLY.  And we all can know what is LOVING to God and what is NOT LOVING to God. All because of the TRUTHS revealed (and correctly understood) to mankind in God's Word.  I am SIMPLY AGREEING with GOD.  With that said I will repeat the 2nd statement.

The act and feeling of same sexual attraction and physical sexuality IS SIN.  Right here a bunch of people will get offended so i refer you back to my #2 opening statement and all of #1.  OPEN YOUR MIND, I am not talk about YOU but about an ideology.  Here is WHY it is a SIN
  1. It does NOT naturally give LIFE for humans.  God is all about giving life.
  2. It creates the greatest self sexual idolatry in the form of identity, where your sexual orientation is equal or greater than your spiritual orientation with God.
  3. Adultery and Fornication applies to both homosexuality and heterosexuality BUT the act of homosexuality IS specifically discussed in God's Word.
    1. Leviticus makes it in specific against the law.
    2. Sodomy is a synonym for Homosexual behavior. In the OT a Sodomite is someone who practices this behavior.  
    3. God himself said in Deuteronomy that he does not want a sodomite in Israel.
    4. Genesis 19 even distinguishes the act of Sodomy as sinful.  The word 'know' in Hebrew is "yada" and is sexual in nature.
    5. Romans makes it very clear that it is not natural AND it is a depravity.  This is where the 'loving yourself becomes greater than loving God" comes in.  Paul even said that God will hand them over to it; "it" is "homosexuality".  The greek word used means same-sex desires and NOT prostitution like some people try to claim in Romans. 
    6. The actual greek words used in Romans are negative about the subject.  Rm 1:26 the greek word "atimia" means "vile".  Something that is vile, is filthy, and dirty.
    7. 1st Corinthians lists all the sinful reasons why we NEED God.  Homosexuality is one of the reasons.  Just like in Romans, the word used is correctly and exactly translated.
THEREFORE: Because it is NOT life producing, creates a SELF focused idolatry, AND is overwhelmingly and explicitly stated as a sinful act; Homosexuality is like all the other sins that every human faces on a daily bases.

The arguments against this are pathetic.
  1. Culture has changed.
    1. God has not changed
    2. From Genesis to 1st Corinthians, that is a 3,000+ year period with hundreds of different cultures and generations... yet, it is still wrong.
  2. Not translated correctly.
    1. Greek and Hebrew do have exact words and phrases for this behavior.  Those words are in fact used in those verses.
    2. Contextual definition as well.  There is no mistaking the translation unless... people don't want to hear it and find a way around it.   
  3. You are born this way.
    1. YES and NO
      1. Yes we are all born sinful, and homosexuality is one of those sins.
      2. but NO because you CAN change from it.  Thousands of "once homosexual"s and "ex-gays" are proof of this.  God DOES and CAN change hearts and minds despite our fleshly imperfect desires.  
CONCLUSION:  If you find yourself being negative and hateful toward a self proclaiming homosexuals, YOU ARE WRONG. Jesus loves them and what you do to them, you are also doing to and for Jesus.  Keep that in mind next time you want to be a jerk.  If you find yourself a practicing homosexual, you are no different from any other Christian.  "ALL has fallen short of the glory of God" and when you recognize that God's law is meant to lead (not condemn) you to a better relationship with Jesus, then just ask to be forgiven (daily) and follow him. 

When it comes to having a relationship with God, straight or Gay doesn't matter anymore but ONLY WHAT is loving to God.  TRUE Identity is found in Christ alone, not our imperfect flesh and lustful sexuality.

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