Friday, April 6, 2012

Struggles of life

After coming to know Christ and beginning a relationship with Him i quickly learned that it is NOT easy.  My flesh fights my new heart! My old habits keep wanting what I no longer want!   On top of breaking away from the old, new imperfections arise.

I finally broke and got past my party habit and desires.  I quit smoking because of the effects it has on my mind and body.  I quit drinking because of the same things and the ultimate road it takes me down.  I quit going to places that would cause me to become the person that I don't want to be.  Mind you I did NOT quit doing these things because of an image i wanted to maintain but because I felt the pain God felt when I would do them. Because I came to love him, I didn't want to hurt him or do the things that hurt him.  My decisions had everything to do with my love for him.

All though I turned my gaze to God and began to follow his example I soon found a new enemy with in myself.  The harshness of my desire for everyone to desperately desire to follow God in everything they do.  I wanted it so bad for everyone that I would get mad and bothered when people didn't.  Not everyone just the people who claimed to loved God like I did.

So here I am. Confused on what to do and say.  I refuse to cause or be apart of my brother's stumble.  I refuse to support any kind of action that hurts God.  I have come to hate sin just as God does.  So I stand against things that hurt God.  Because it is a hate, I don't sugar coat the distain for sin.  When someone who claims to love God is getting hammered drunk... I speak up.  When someone who claims to love God is committing crimes and using illegal drugs... I speak up.  All with the hopes they realize what it does to their relationship with God.  I love my brothers and sisters in Christ and that is why I say anything at all.

When being nice about it doesn't do anything.  In fact, the individuals end up doing it more and more.  When being harsh about it doesn't seem to do anything but cause friction.  When not saying anything at all doesn't do anything but silently condone it.  When nothing seems to work.  What then?

TRUST GOD.  God is sovereign.  God is good.  God loves them.  God's timing is perfect.  God's power is greater.  God is showing that I am NOT God.

"be still and KNOW that I am GOD"

My heart knows this but my flesh doesn't want to except it.

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