Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why do we need to know who IS and IS NOT saved?

This is a VERY important question.  But lets start off by answering questions that lead up to this one.

Think of the most important person in your life.  The one person you LOVE with all your heart.  The one person you know would be there for you not matter what.  The one person that you know for a fact LOVES you no matter what.  Keep that person in mind throughout this.  Now ask your self this question.  Do you care if this person has peace?  I would hope if you love this person you would want them to have peace.  Now lets take it a little further; Do you care if this person has ETERNAL peace?

If you care this person has eternal peace or not... HOW DO YOU KNOW THEY DO?  That's what the last blog addressed (How can you tell if someone is a real christian according to Jesus).  Assuming you know where this person stands... do you care?

Now to "care" is an action, its a verb.  Just like anyone can say they 'care' but genuine caring is an action manifested by the heart.

It's actually this simple.  
  1. GOD LOVES that person your thinking of.  
  2. GOD LOVES you as well.  
  3. GOD wants YOU to LOVE that person so that they LOVE GOD. 

So if YOU LOVE GOD, you should LOVE that person too. That simple.

  1. Without faith no one can please GOD (Heb 11:1-40)
  2. Faith comes by hearing (Rom 10:1-21)
  3. We are ambassadors for GOD (2 Cor 5:11-21)
So WE are to present GOD to them so that they might have FAITH.

There are all kinds of ways we can ask this question in a rhetorical manner.

  • Do you care that GOD'S heart hurts because that person doesn't love him?
  • Do you care THAT PERSON is facing an eternal future apart from GOD AND YOU?
  • Do you care THAT PERSON does NOT know an ever lasting peace?
  • Do you care YOU are letting that person down spiritually?
  • Do you care YOU are letting GOD down spiritually in spreading the Gospel?
But all that is gilt;  what about the happiness of it all?
  • Do you care about pleasing GOD by bringing home one of his lost sheep?
  • Do you care about pleasing THAT PERSON by helping them find LOVE in GOD?
  • Do you care about pleasing THAT PERSON by helping them find eternal peace?
  • Do you care about changing heaven for eternity by adding another brother/sister?
In the end, DO YOU CARE? AND THAT IS WHY we should care if someone is saved or not. Because WE CARE about THEM greater than anything on this earth and about GOD and his lost sheep. 

This person may straight up say "NOPE, I'm not a christian" but this person could say "YEP, I'm a christian".  This person might have THE WRONG understanding of Christianity and salvation.  AND YOU are put in THEIR life by GOD to be HIS ambassador so that they might HEAR the gospel and come to KNOW TRUTH.  But it all comes down to DO YOU REALLY CARE?

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