Friday, December 30, 2011

MMA and Christianity

How can MMA fighters be REAL Christians and how can Christians support MMA?  That is a good question that a lot of secular people and some Christians have.  First you have to understand MMA and then understand the moral implications.

MMA is a sport.  But like anything people can turn into something else or be used not as its intended.  MMA, as a sport, the opponents score points, and who ever has the most points wins.  Some times in the effort to score points, the opponent can be knocked out.  Other times the opponent can stop the contest on his own by tapping out.  Its that simple.  The point is not to kill a human but win the contest.  The point is not to bring pain to a human with vengeance but to score points. 

Now as sinful humans, it can get twisted immorally.  Like ANY SPORT the morality of the athlete might change. The athlete might want to seriously harm the person because he doesn't like that person and doesn't care about points but just wants to do harm, THEN that is when it becomes immoral BUT that isn't the SPORT but the ATHLETE.  The exact same principle applies to not just THIS sport but, your job, people you work with.  Your INTENTIONS behind your interactions with other people.

Can you blame the sport? Can you blame the pencil for misspelled words, or a butter knife for stabbings? The THING isn't the moral problem, its the PERSON who uses it immorally. 

Can there be athletes in the MMA game that are moral in the octagon? Yes.  Their intentions are for scoring points and victories and NOT vengeance, harm, and hatred for the opponent. So can there be Christian Mixed Marshal Artist that fight in the UFC?  Yes.

Football players don't hit and sack the QB because they hate the guy, they are trying to gain advantage in the game.  Can a football player BECOME immoral with their intentions? Yes. BUT CAN THEY BE MORAL in that action, YES.  Hockey players don't check each other because they want that guy to die; they are trying to gain the advantage on the ice for a big play.  Can a hockey player BECOME immoral in their intentions? Yes.  BUT CAN THEY BE MORAL in that act? Yes.

MMA contestants don't try to KILL each other out of HATRED and vengeance BUT CAN THEY BECOME IMMORAL? Yes.  Are they immoral by default? NO

The SPORT isn't immoral and it IS possible for the contestants to remain moral while competing.

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