Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 New Years Resolutions

I have had 9 New Years Resolutions.  Some hard to accomplish, others more easy than I thought but all improved the quality of life in 2011

1) Grow my relationship with Christ through more prayer, meditation, fellowship, worship, and bible study by Setting aside time weekly dedicated to just that.

12/30/2011 - My relationship with God has greatly improved! I talk to him daily, I study his word every week, and I worship him weekly! Far more than I have in the previous year.


2) Break down my pride and negative side and become more humble, positive and peaceful through giving up more unnecessary "stuff" and "things", doing more volunteer and service projects, use encouragement before blunt honestly and going to God for answers as my first resort and not my last resort.  I want to Glorify God and shine his light for everyone to see his power and grace.

12/30/2011 - I listen to only Godly music.  I only have clothing that has a Godly message or was made for God.  I surround myself now with more God loving people.  I do not cave to society pressures and kept a mind for truth despite lies in messages told at church.  All my secular friends SEE the new me and KNOW why I am this way and WHO I live for now.  My light has been shining bright!


3) Be in the best shape of my life by getting my body fat percent to under 14% while increasing my muscle mass by 25% with a target weight of 200lbs.  Hit the gym hard, and have a strict healthy diet.  So sugar, soda, or fried food; As a result this will also improve my self control.

12/30/2011 - nearing the end of the year I lost track of my fitness goals BUT maintained the health I had.  Body fat has not gone up and my body weight has not gone down.


4) Find and attend a Sunday morning fellowship that God calls me to;  Make it a habit to get up Sunday mornings and go to worship to glorify God.  This will also impact resolutions 1 and 2.

12/30/2011 - I attend a Wednesday night service, Thursday night bible study, and sometimes a Sunday night small group.  I found a church I would like to attended, just with leaving town all the time I have not had a chance to attend there regularly.


5) Have no less than a 3.75 GPA in Spring and Fall semesters of college.

12/30/2011 - With the most difficult semester and the most difficult professors of my college career; I managed to pass all my classes and maintain a 2.63 GPA.  A, B, C, C, C.  My spring semester was completed with a 3.2 gpa


6) Relax at home more instead of going out to do pointless things spending money and spend 75% less.  At home I can be alone, with my gf, or have people over to; watch movies through netflix, redbox, hulu, tv, xbox, ps3, read, study, relax, save money, save gas, save in food cost, and the benefits of staying home more often goes on and on.  Not all the time but a majority of 2011.

12/30/2011 - after spending a lot of time at home watching movies and playing video games it got harder and harder to maintain it.  Half way through the year I started going out to eat and going out more.  Overall throughout the year I did end up saving more money this year than I did last year.


7) Go to Africa for a safari and Turkey to see the biblical church of Ephesis and Constantinople (Istanbul).  Maybe England again :-/.  To do this resolution 5 has to happen!

Not going to happen this year. May go back packing instead.


8) Be a better son, brother by blood and in Christ, friend, and boyfriend; and to be reliable, loyal, honest, and helpful to all those who need it.  To truly love people who hate me and my God and have patients for all.  I don't have to love anyone's life style or choices but I DO have to love them as a human being loved by God.  This will greatly impact resolution 2.

12/30/2011 - I have made all kinds of new friends.  My dad and I are best buds now! My girl friend and I are doing amazing and every day it gets better!  I have been more honest and than I ever have in life with my friends.  I have loved the people that most have not.  I have strengthened some friends while exposing others with truth and honesty.  


9) Grow out my hair like I've been wanting to for the past 12 years.

12/30/2011 - My hair is the longest it has ever been in my life.


10) I know I'm forgetting something... oh ya, none of this is going to be easy!!

Mat 5:16 -  In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. (show everyone around you, why you do what you do and who you do it for.)

1Cr 6:19 - Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, (20) for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body. (I am not my own, so all I do is his)

Mat 19:21  - Jesus said unto him, If thou wouldest be perfect, go, sell that which thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me. (how far am I willing to go for Christ?)


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