Monday, January 31, 2011

Why Evolution is NOT a fact.

After talking all my biology, cellular biology, and natural science classes I have found some serious issues with what I am being taught.  Problematic questions in what the teachers, professors, and authors of the text books have avoided.  I have 7 serious problems with how evolution is being taught in school that AREN'T mentioned on purpose.  

In NO WAY am I advocating any one kind of religion. Point 7.1 is a philosophical argument for ANY OTHER possibility.  I bring this up to show the CLOSE-MINDED nature of current "science".  Science could prove there is no God, but being closed-minded to any and all other theories of how life started is bias, ignorant, and the very definition of close-minded. shame.

 1)  There are ZERO "link" fossils for ANY species.

2)  There are ZERO "link" fossils linking humans and apes.

3)  ANY idea out side of gradualism is just that, an idea with NO scientific evidence.

4)  The scientific method can't even be used to test the theory of evolution causing science to contradict its self when supporting the theory of evolution.

5)  Species "A" (reptiles) that evolves into Species "B" (birds) according to the theory, co-existed; proven by fossil discoveries; disproving the theory.

1)  A cell REQUIRES at least 300+ proteins to exist simultaneously for a single cell to survive. For a cell to 'evolve' ALL 300+ must have came into existence AT THE SAME TIME.  A tornado going through a junk yard HAS A GREATER CHANCE of building a fully functioning bowing 747... 10 times in a row.

2)  The next argument is that the cell consumed bacteria that turned into (evolved) those functions; sadly there is nothing in the cell that could have performed those functions except the organelles themselves.  The nucleus  cannot synthesize ATP and so on, therefore with out those organelles, the cell could not survive for mitosis to produce more cells and gradual evolution is not possible. And still doesn't answer the question, well where did that bacteria come form for the cell to consume to begin with, sense both had to evolve its functionality for both to coexist and survive to then be consumed.

1)  If there IS 'chance', there CANNOT be a god; because the two are mutually exclusive.  For God to be sovereign, there can not be 'chance', and if god is not sovereign, He cannot be god. Without God NOTHING can't create itself into something and NOTHING cannot exist period because 'NOTHING' simply DOES NOT EXIST.

2)  "Chance" and "spontaneous" are nothing.  If you flip a coin 9 times, and all 9 times it landed on heads, how much power and influence does "chance" have on making the coin land a certain way on the 10th flip... NONE because chance has NO POWER, because it is nothing.  So how much power does 'chance' have over the cell and all of life... nothing.

3)  Finally, "chance" and "spontaneous" can NOT be tested with the Scientific Method.  Therefore, making them NON Scientific.

A) All of these PROBLEMS PROVE that the theory of evolution CANNOT be FACT because it HAS NOT BEEN PROVEN.

B) It IS being taught in schools AS A FACT.  I am in school being told this.

C) ALL other theories are attacked and most "academic scientist" refuse to research for OTHER possibilities.

D) Teaching this theory and ONLY THIS THEORY without its CRITICAL flaws AND not OTHER theories is bias, close-minded, ignorant, and intolerant... exactly what TRUE SCIENCE ISN'T.

These are not opinions but facts and absolute truths.

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