Tuesday, July 6, 2010

T H E example of Christian choices

I've often wondered how I can stand out, be the example of Christ, so clear for everyone around to see; I've wondered what situation would in compass so many different examples and situations all in one massive event... I was given the event and the opportunity and it was finally all on me to make the right choices for my best example of true love.

The event was a bachelor party; a typical non-Christian bachelor party.

I knew what i was in store for.  Before becoming a true follower of Christ I had been to plenty of ungodly bachelor parties.  But this one was a little more intense because of the fact there was more unique situations involved.

This bachelor party was at a Casino where the focus is greed, money, and selfishness.  With those three comes just about every non-christian thing on earth.  I knew everyone was going to get hammered drunk.  I knew everyone would try to pick up girls for the main purpose of sexual reason whether it was on the casino floor or at a strip club.  But the one thing i didn't expect was the drugs.  But with such low standards I guess I should have.  Of course with non-Christian bachelor parties comes the concept of "last night of freedom" or in other words an excuse to be unfaithful to and cheat on your current fiancĂ© and future wife.

And some how through all of that I would have to resist the temptation, show my love for Christ, and show everyone else what following Christ looks like.

The night started off with getting the bachelor shots to get the bachelor buzzed.  And of course everyone one else got drinks as well.  This was my first example.  I got a drink as well... a Coke.  I wanted to show that alcohol isn't needed to have fun and that it only makes things worse in a number of ways.

Then we went back to the hotel rooms at the casino to save some cash from the bars and drink the alcohol we had bought on the way up.  More drinking.  This is where everything just seems to be so fun and where nothing can go wrong.  Everyone is feeling so good that no one cares if they even get in trouble.  So that's when the drugs start to come out.

At this point everyone one is having such a good time that nothing else matters.  Drinking, smoking, popping pills, the typical worldly concept of "partying" and "fun".  Keep in mind i shared the same concept and thought the same way not to long ago.

So while everyone was having "fun" and shocked that i wasn't doing any of that, I was having fun as well.  I honestly was enjoying me self.  It was entertaining that everyone was so amazed and shocked that I didn't drink, didn't do drugs, didn't chase girls like they did.  They were shocked that I could have just as much fun, if not more, without a excessive amount of and/or illegal substances.

When the girls showed up I already knew why they were here.  When I was asked if I wanted to chip in money to pay the girls for their services later, that was a very easy decision for me.  I saved my money.  While everyone was scrounging up change while partying with the girls I knew what was coming next when I saw the girls begin walking around rubbing on everyone.  I knew that was my Que to exit.  I knew having girls touch me all over and perform their services... was something that would hurt God's relationship with me and because I truly love God, their services weren't worth stressing God's love.  Leaving and walking away was the other example big example I was able to show them.

So I went to the casino floor, bought another coke, and just enjoyed my self exploring the casino while everyone else was getting more drunk, stoned, bared out, broke and used by prostitutes.

It was sad to see people I know who claim to be a followers of Christ... not follow Christ.  They weren't concerned about their relationship with God and weren't thinking about how their decisions show God how much they love him.  So if it wasn't God they were concerted about, who was it?  Themselves.

I showed that there are different perceptions of "fun" and "partying".  Godly and Ungodly.  And that I am not limited to the ungodly way to have fun.

I showed that alcohol and drugs are not needed and only causes people do do things that they wouldn't want to do or normal do.  On top of that there are tons of other reasons why.  Just read my "why i quit drinking" post.

I followed Christ and his examples.  I didn't fictitiously invent his examples or make them up as I went;  HE already SHOWED how to live and left the decisions up to us to follow his example or not.  I showed them what being loving and faithful to God looks like.  I wish, hope, and pray that they eventually do make that choice to actually follow Christ with their decisions in life and not just with their mouth but that's up to them and God.  But now they have no excuse because they have seen what following Christ looks like in person;  the rest is up to them.

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