Saturday, July 31, 2010


I finally went out and got a Dog!  I wanted a smaller dog but an energetic dog.  I searched Craigslist, Petfinder, and countless animal shelter websites and nada.  So as my last resort I went to a pet store in the mall and BAM! Salsa said HI!
A 3 1/2 month old female Jack Russel Terrier.  Named her Salsa.  Why? well a friend of mine has a dog name Chips, a Fox Terrier.  We all envisioned that our dogs would be the best of friends; Chips and Salsa.

Sadly on their first encounter, Chips intimidated Salsa and she had a bad first impression. 

Potty Training this freak'n dog is tough.  I punish bad pee areas and reward good pee areas... she doesn't care.  I put her in her kennel at night, bright and early i wake up, and take her straight out side to pee.  30 minutes later she comes back in the house... and pees on the floor.  I don't get it.

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  1. Potty training puppies is just tough. She'll get it eventually...just takes lots of patience.


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