Monday, June 21, 2010

Why I quit drinking

I quit drinking all together by simply waying out the PROs and CONs of it.  I used to go out and drink maybe every other week to different bars, clubs, and lounges all over the city, that's if friends and I weren't having a keg party that night.  Mind you this was years ago, before Christ woke me up.  I'm sure most of you wont read this out of fear because 88.575% of everyone does drink.  Most will even write it off as "only my opinion" but factual truths aren't opinions.

I thought about Health reasons, Financial reasons, Legal reasons, Personal reasons, and Spiritual reasons for and against drinking.  And actually taking the time to think about it, made everything super clear!

Health Reason:
1) Dehydrates the body.
2) Unusable calories and carbohydrates
3) Hard on and over time damages the Liver and other organs in the body.
4) Damages the esophagus and throat over time.
5) Smoking goes hand and hand, even if you don't smoke, you get second hand from the places. Lucky most places everyone goes out side to smoke, but that doesn't stop smoke from being breathed in while your outside.  And the healthiness of smoking is another idiotic habit.
6) This could go under "legal" & "Personal" reasons too but probably suits best in "health"; NO ONE who got in drinking & driving wreck said "Hey I'm going leave the bar and kill someone tonight" But they CHOSE to raise the odds of it happening when they chose to drink. So KNOWING your raising the odds of getting in a wreck... is it that important?

Financial Reasons:
1) Average of $2.50 a beer, and on average drank 3, that equals $7.50 on a simple night
2) On special occasions, people tend to drink more, and buy one or two for a friend, that equals more than $15.  When you go to bars regularly, you also FIND special occasions to go out and drink.
3) Tipping the bar tender is a known fact or they wont serve you, that's like at times $1 every time you get a beer paying cash or 10% on the tab and that 10% is being stingy too.
4) So after Bar hopping every other week for a month and a special occasions like St. Patrick's day or a friends bday once a month.  That comes to about $40 a month.  $480 a year!
5) This doesn't include gas to drive to all the spots, picking people up, dropping people off, and legal ramifications if you get caught.
6) This also doesn't include shots and non-beer alcohol drinks. That would be even more $$$

Legal Reasons:
1) You are over the legal limit after 2 beers in 1 hour (160lbs body weight)... no one who drinks takes 1 hour to drink 1 beer.
2) Going to jail for 2 beers.
3) Getting a DWI charge for 2+ beers (not including the cost of getting a private Lawyer to fight the case)
4) Probation for the DWI charge
5) Breathalyzer mounted in car during probation for the DWI
6) Monthly fees of probation and breathalyzer is over $100 a month, $1,200 a year and most average probation are 2 years, that's $2,400 for drinking 2+ beers...

Personal Reasons:
1) Whats the difference between having a beer or any other drink at a bar? The alcohol content.  Whats the point of drinking alcohol? take a wild guess.
2) Beer is an unnatural flavor.  People only like the flavor of it because they had to first get used to it.  I got used to it, but it still is crap compared to Coke.
3) People drink alcohol for at least 1 of 3 reasons: A) Their trying to be cool and fit in, B) They're an alcoholic and need the alcohol, C) In the past they were trying to fit in so they eventually grew to like the unnatural flavor of beer and now enjoy the overall idiotic drink.
4) NO ONE can say they like the taste of straight alcoholic so why is it added in with other flavors? back to point #3

1) The alcohol caused me to hurt the God i love
2) Why would I want to indulge in something that causes me to hurt loved ones? Selfishness
3) Why would I want to participate in something that causes people never "inherit eternal life"? Selfishness
4) Why would I want to aid people in the exact same thing that is harmful to me and my faith? The imperfections and desires that are in everyone to steer us away from growing closer to God.
5) Getting tipsy and drunk would make me a walking hypocrite in my faith and in my self to the world and my God because of the effort to do the action that i preach against.

There are no pros for healthy reasons to drink; the amount it takes to relax the heart and thin the blood would take the amount to put people in coma and get alcohol poisoning.

There are no pros for Financial reasons to drink; I'm sure off the top of your head you can name multiple reason that are better to spend your money on.  So drinking would be taking way from those better options.

There obviously are no Legal reasons to drink

There are some personal Reasons to drink; but again, none that are actually worth a crap when you really think about them.  "Helps me relax". "Makes times more enjoyable"... all of those reasons basically say "Your a boring person because you need an substance to make you enjoy life" If you can't do something without being inebriated that's a sad and pathetic personal problem that you really need to work out without using alcohol as your crutch for lack of personality.  That was me.

There are no spiritual reasons to drink either.  Christ didn't need a single drop of alcohol to do what needs to be done.

So if there are NO GOOD reasons to drink. Why drink? Refer back to Personal Reasons #3  :)

In the end I drank because I was ignorant and selfish.

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