Monday, June 21, 2010

MORE acts of God in my life!

I've been working and studying hard in school.  I made a deal with my self and asked The Lord to show me his plan that if I can't transfer to a Univeristy out of Jr College than I would join the Army.  I would take the failure to go further in College as a sign that the Military is the next step in his plan for me.

The previous summester after getting all A's and B's i applied and failed to get in.  My GPA rose sharply because of my new grades but not enough because of my partying past.  The letter I got in the mail was depressing and I knew I didn't want to feel that way again.  So that brought me to the end of the next semester and the my deal.  Keep in mind, i had been struggling with my GPA for YEARS!  I have been on academic suspension twice, and probation three times.

All through out the semester, I was able to get all B's on my GOV tests despite their difficulty and long nights of studying.  I took a Guitar class and memorizing the Cords, Scales, and being able to Read Notes (which i have never done in my life) was difficult alone and well enough to get A's.  My GPA was far from border line and I had to get two A's and no less than a C in my third class to have a chance to raise my GPA high enough.  The finals were make it or break it for my grades.  At least two A's were a must!

On the day of the guitar exam i had crammed so much stuff that i was forgetting all of it!  I walked to class only knowing 1 of the 2 scales.  Luckily he was only testing 1 scale.  As he walked around the room listening to each person play that one scale... i realized it was the one scale i never studied!  The one I didn't know and never heard in my life!  I was screwed because that was automatically 33% of my grade.  I closed my eyes for a second and prayed, "Lord, help me!".  The professor finally made it to me, and leaned in to hear me play it...

I pressed my finger on the fret that i saw everyone else start off at, plucked the string, and that was it.  That's all I knew.  But then I moved my finger to the next, random to me, fret and plucked that string.  Puzzled I just started to move my fingers and pluck the strings that my fingers were on and little did i know i played the Scale perfectly, the same scale i had never heard, played, or studied before.  That exam was an A.  Some how the I knew what string and what fret to play with out even knowing.

Now you can attempted to chock that up to "chance" but do the math.  Playing the exact scale required, on the exact strings, exact frets, out of ALL the strings and frets on the entire guitar in the exact order our of all the different kinds of orders would make that such an astronomical 'change' that i would need more faith to think it was chance than something other than 'chance'.  So my odds are 10 strings, 20 frets, 16 notes one way, 16 notes going back up the neck, out of 3600 possible scales... 1x80^10.  Winning the Texas Lottery is 1x20^9.  So I should have bought 4 lottery tickets that day, and won the jack pot of millions, 4 times in a row.  Same odds.

In my GOV class I wrote and finished my final exam paper  which was 50% of our over all grade, that night.  It took me about 3 hours. A decent paper not not a masterpiece to my standards at all.  Apparently my professor felt that my paper was a masterpiece and gave me a 98.  He said in class that a 99 is the highest grade he has ever given in his career teaching.  Now I can sit here and calculate the odds of his feelings that day over the 20 years of his teaching career that lead up to his feelings for that grade; which would be amazingly greater than me winning the jackpot lottery 4 times in a row, or we can finally admit to the obvious.

But during this whole time I didn't put 2 and 2 together.  I was still sweating bullets wondering if ill be joining the army at the end of the semester or not.

Finally my grades come in and BAM! Straight A semester.  First time in my life.  I instantly run to the computer and apply for college.  Time goes by and I got accepted AND made it on the Presidents List for the semester.  Just 3 years ago I was chasing girls at Keg parties while on academic suspension because of  a 0.73 GPA.

After the next few days went by I sat back and thought about the small little instances where God touched my life for his Will to be done.  His will was for me to finish school.  He touched small areas in my life to make that happen.  I didn't see any of it until after the fact.  That semester God thought me so much.  But two major lessons:

1) God's Will is being done whether your realize it or not.

2) We don't always see God's Will till after the fact.

Now I am off to finish school instead of the Army.  If it was all up to me and there was no God... i could have not gotten that scale and made no more than a 66 on my final;  my GOV professor would have seen how trashy that paper probably really was or maybe it really was that good after only 3 hours of work, either way the adds of a straight A semester, raising my GPA high enough were astronomical.  God has NEVER failed me when I fully trust in him, so chocking all this up to 'chance' is being blind and ignorant.

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