Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Bye Politics!

So I decided to say farewell to the frustrating and forcefully hypocritical world of politics.  This came to me after a few political debates I had with some very narrow minded ignorant human beings.  I realized there is nothing that can be said TRUTH or LIE that would change their devoted mind.  Which my effort of debate and emotion of frustration a big waste of time.  So then I began to think deeper on the issue of The Importance of Politics in a Christian's life and every answer and solution ended in the same way.

1) Did Christ care about the politics? nope.
2) Did Christ advocate, teach, and encourage his followers to protest political policies in the streets? nope.
3) Are there far more important issues for Christians to be concerned about, besides politics, and like what? yes; the souls of friends and families, and spreading the good news; all has nothing to do with political policy and can be done without it.

So I finally saw that Politics was just dividing people when Christ calls for PEACE.  I got in plenty of heated debates over obviously less important political issues when instead of should have been talking about THE GOOD NEWS and LOVE.  Missed opportunities to witness but instead used to debate issues that had nothing to do with anyone's eternal life and salvation.

Now im sure someone is going to say "Well politics are important issues too!" and all i have to say to that is... "Important compared to what, and by whom?"  Because if was that important Christ would have surely said and done things under a far more oppressive political machine like ROME... but he ddin't.  Because ROME and all their political crappiness weren't important enough.  They were LESS important than THE GOOD NEWS, witnessing, salvation, ETERNAL LIFE, and God's LOVE.

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