Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why I'm NOT a fan of Joel Olsteen

Good guy but very weak in the most important ways.

1) He is a "Pep-talk Preacher". He makes you feel all good and
happy but doesn't give you any deep insight into the Word of God.
His sermons are happy but shallow.

The biblical operations and obligations of a Teaching Elder
(pastor) according to GOD, is he is suppose to teach the Word of
God through and through.

I attended a few of his services and left his church with all my
common sense and basic questions about being happy answered but i
still didn't know God or his Word any more than before I got there.
I've listened to and watched his sermons on TV as well and its all
the same.

He teaches shallow happiness and not The Word of God. Very

2) This just totally blew my mind! His Larry King Live interview.
You thought Peter denying Christ 3 times was bad. Try denying
Christ to Millions of views on live tv... On top of that, he dodges
even more Biblical truth witnessing to Millions.



Big failure on his part. The caller offered more truth in her 20
seconds than all of Joel Olsteens entire interview...

So now you have to ask the questiosn:

1) Why did Joel avoid and dodge Kings question?

A) He didn't really know the answer; which would make him
pretty ignorant to the Word of God considering that is one of the
most fundamental issue in Christianity. Claiming to be a Christian Pastor, its his responsibility to know the book he says he has faith in, in order to teach people about it.

B) He didn't want to answer the question in fear of
offending people; Sorry to break the news but Christ has and will
offend more people than he ever could in his life time. Not to
mention the fear of sinful peoples opinions verses telling the
truth about Christ... that should be a no brainer.

No matter his reason, they are all not good; very shameful and
disappointing for a so called Christian Leader.

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  1. AAAAAAAH!! I hate this!! My Church's pastor has done a sermon on 'Warm and Happy' preaching and how, although it makes you feel all warm and Fuzzy, it's nothing but sinning. I totally agree.


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