Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Sports

I'm a more of a full contact rough sports kinda person. With that said I am not a fan of basketball or baseball. BUT attending these sports are awesome, but watching them on TV or going somewhere to root for their victory... is lame.

MMA, NHL, and NFL are my top sports and ill tell you why.

First MMA, Mixed Marshal Arts is as intense as any sport can get. Requires the most demanding training of every muscle group in your body. Then in and during the competition, every part of your body can be tested at any moment. Not to mention the knowledge of each possible outcome, attack, defense, damage, weakness, streingth, all depends solly on the individual. In a team sport, some parts of the team can fail and still come out with a victory, but in MMA if any part fails, there is no victory.

This is why i also aruge that MMA is more demanding and intense than Boxing. Boxing is a mastery of half of what is required in MMA.

Second, the NHL, National Hockey League is pretty much as intense as MMA. The major difference is how non stop speed and action of the sport is. MMA fighters get tired and the tempo of the fight slows, in NHL, it is non stop back and forth for the entire game! The rouch factor of the game is no joke. Getting slamed into the glass, checked and flipped falling on the solid ice, broken bones, constantly body checks and getting into fights... there is no "foul, he touched me" from Basketball.

Lastly, the NFL, National Football League, maybe not be non stop as intense but is just as rough. At any moment at any time the temp of the game could change. The high value of each score makes scoring that much more huge. Not like basketball with 2 points... on a break away. We are talking about a 100 yeard, 7 points (extra point) break away. The tackeling and hitting is one thing, when they have full pads on the, the hitting is more fearless.

The sissy sports like NBA, and MLB are not as agressive, intense, physically demanding, and rough as the NFL, MMA, and NHL.

First of all the NBA is the biggets most selfish "team" sport in America. Its also the sissiest as well. "over the back" foul? A slap of the rist, faul? "charging" faul? What a bunch of babies.

Second, i have nothing against baseball. I think it is a good genuin sport but its to slow and lame for me.

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