Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Good News for EVERYONE

The GOOD NEWS is for EVERYONE! especially for people who don't believe Christ died for them as well.

Christians are commanded (the great commission) by Christ (but it's something we long to do ourselves because of our longing to Please and love God) to tell the WORLD of the GOOD NEWS. What is the Good News? The Good News is the simplest concept that is the heart of Christianity.

The Good News is... get ready for it... LOVE. The Good News is that God loves us so much that it doesn't matter what we have done in the past or what we are doing in the present but the fact that HE HAS ALREADY FORGIVEN US for EVERYTHING! We don't have to be slaves to sadness and the imperfections caused by sin in this world.

Christ came to SHOW US and PROVE to us that all has been forgiven and that God has shown the ultimate love for us and because of his endless love, we can live FOREVER, after this broken world!

So how do we as Christians tell the world the good news? through LOVE! We love everything and everyone "just as Christ as loved you". We show GRACE and FORGIVENESS, MERCY, and PATIENTS to ALL. How are we to be the light in the dark world when the world can not see our light? How can to tell anyone the good news when we make them feel like crap and turn them away with 'dooms day' "your going to hell you sinful junkie" talk. Did Christ talk like that to Mary Magnolin, the prostitute? NO! So neither should we.

What some unbelievers think is that we as Christians are judgmental and close minded... when in fact TRUE CHRISTIANITY IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE! We may deem some actions as wrong but we LOVE the person none the less, we may not agree with all secular positions but we are OPEN TO ALL people no matter what they think. Because Christ loves all people, even the people who killed him!

If a Christian says your a bad person because you did something wrong... that Christian needs to have some alone time with God because that is WRONG for ANY Christian to say. And if a Christian is truly close minded, than how are they to build a relationship with anyone and share the Good News to the people who are lost or confused about the Word of God? They can't.

TO NONBELIEVERS IN CHRIST: I love you. I want to help you when ever you need it! I am here to listen and understand you! I don't think you are a bad person (I'm far from perfect) and any Christian who says you are is WRONG. I may not agree with or take part in some things but thats because i simply LOVE GOD. And i Love you and wouldn't want to aid you in anything that God says is morally wrong. Like it or not, God loves you too! And if you truly want to feel his never ending love, all you have to do is ask him your self because He's waiting on you. In the end of it all, why would you not want to feel loved, be loved, and love everything and everyone?

TO BELIEVERS IN CHRIST: I love you too! And if your not showing the world your love for God or Gods love for you by Loving people in your life, than your doing something wrong. We are all sinful and no one is better than another but we are forgiven and commended to forgive. See, If we truly believe and love Christ, than our life style and the "fruits of our labor" will reflect and glorify him in EVERYTHING WE DO. Fake Christians are easy to spot because their life style and lack of love for God will show. I can sum up how as Christians we are commanded to act in this world in one word...


Do you have a load of guilt regrets and grudges that are weighing you down and keeping you from truly enjoying the life God has given you? Do you want to FEEL GODS ETERNAL LOVE?

Just talk straight to God! Ask for his forgiveness and guidances. And each day talk to God asking for guidance and strength to be a NEW PERSON, be born again. Its not a complicated process! God is just simply waiting on you to look for him! "Knock and the door will open". Pray to God and repent, become born again, and by his Grace we are all given eternal life!

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