Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christians have more fun!

Living a Christian life doesn't mean you can't have fun! Only how you define 'fun' changes. There is worldly "fun" and there is Godly "fun".

A. Board Games
B. Card games
C. Red Box/Netflix movie night
D. Video Games.
E. Ultimate Frisby or Kick ball

B. Starbucks
C. Movie Theater
D. Museum of Fine Arts
E. Museum of Natural Science

A. Pool Hall
B. Bowling
C. Lazer Tag
E. Movie Taverns
F. Comedy Clubs
G. Houston Zoo
H. Houston Race Park / Baytown Race Track
I. Go Karts
J. Local Music Venues (House of Blues)
K. Houston Aeros Hockey
L. Houston Dynamo Soccer

A. Paint Balling
B. Concert
C. Alley Theater
D. Miller Outdoor Theater
E. Houston Symphony
F. Houston Grand Opra
G. Houston Rockets Basketball
H. Houston Texans Football
I. Houston Ballet

Service / Volunteer
A. The Red Cross
B. Star of Hope
D. Rebuild Houston
E. Habitat for Humanity
F. Trash Pick-up
G. Graffiti Clean-up
H. Meals on Wheels
I. Houston Food Bank
J. Ronald McDonald House
K. Salvation Army

Things You, Yourself can do in Service
A. Give Blood
B. Give can goods at food drives
C. Give clothing
D. Gather coins, loose change, available funds and donate to an ministry
E. Recycle Aluminum, Glass, and Paper

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  1. Miller Outdoor Theater is FREE!!!!!!!!!!!! Should go in the least $ Category :-)...anyway Good Blog (all of it!)- I like


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