Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Avatar VS Invictus

The Enjoyable Factor:
Avatar was definitely a visually stunning movie. It was also a very entertaining and enjoyable movie to watch. A

Invictus was definitely not visually stunning. It was also not entertaining and just a little enjoyable. D

The Stories:
Avatar was as very good story. BUT of course had the annoying hidden liberal indoctrination message of Capitalism as bad, the military is evil, and mother earth needs to be saved from evil military and capitalistic forces. C

Invictus was an amazing story of Nelson Mandela and how he used the Rugby team to pull his nation of south africa together through winning the world cup. A

The Acting & Dialog:

Avatar had a good crew of actors and the acting was crisp and went with the movie. B

Invictus had a good crew of actors as well. Some of the dialog from Morgan Freemon seemed like it was ment to be powerful but was to stereo typical and corny. B

Avatar: B+
Invictus: C+

Avatar can be enjoyed by anyone. Awesome in IMAX.
Invuctus is really only enjoyed by people who like history and true dramatic movies.

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