Friday, March 13, 2009

The Obama Bet

If you think Obama will change America for the best, this is an easy win for you... right? lol

If i loose i will apologize and humble myself; if i win, everyone who bet against me will be known as cool aid drinking sheep.

At the end of Obama's 4 year term in office...

1) Unemployment with be higher than 6% []

2) Inflation will be higher than 3.85% []

3) National Debt will be higher than 10 TRILLION $ []

This bet began February 10, 2009 - Tuesday

To stifle some lame arguments that im sure will come up:
a) "Well Obama inherited these problems..." Okay, and Bush inherited Clintons of high taxes and higher unemployment. 4 years later, they were fixed. Obama has 4 years as well to solve issues; still no excuses.
b) "4 years isn't enough time..." If 2 trillion dollars can be spent, and the government can take over 18% of the economy in 6 months, than just imagine what can be done in 4 years.

The 3 statistics used are how Bush left the economy. The same will be compared to how Obama will leave the economy at the end of his 4 year term.

Heres another side off the wall prediction. I think those who bet against me and loose, will come up with some kind of lame reason why Obama didn't leave the economy better off than Bush. But thats what i love about real numbers. But if i do loose and Obama improved these numbers after his term in office, i won't come up with lame excuses because I, or anyone else, can't argue against numbers.

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