Friday, March 13, 2009

Global Warming Hype

So there was a huge Global Warming conference in New York...

http://www. heartland. org/events/NewYork09/newyork09. html

and all the 800 scientist came to a conclusion...

1) Global Warming CAN NOT be proven as a man made problem. Reason: Past ice ages during the Dark Ages and heat ups recorded by the Romans obviously can not be man made. That poses a huge problem for the idea "Man Made" Global Warming.

2) Global Warming is MORE LIKELY a natural RECURRING climate issue over hundreds of years. Reason: Geological findings and past historical records reflect patterns of natural heat ups and cool offs.

3) NO one single conclusion can be made because of LACK OF HUMAN RECORDED DATA. Reason: we [ the scientific community ] only have about 155 years of reliable recorded climate and geological data for the purposes of future studying, verses millions of years of the earths existence and unrecorded data. Our data makes up less than 0.001% of the total of possible climate data which renders our current data, "insignificant".
But guess what!! you will never hear that on CNN or any other news network or news paper.
All the hardcore green [Al Gore's Sheep] people would get a little butt hurt because scientist that are more smart than they are, and are more informed, contradict the hardcore green people.

Scientist came up with these conclusions, not moronic 'inventor of the internet' Al Gore

Just wanted to inform and enlighten everyone! Because news networks chose not to.

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