Friday, March 13, 2009

Friends with a Murder?!

Okay, so back in the day (about 6 years ago) I used to be involved in street racing and going to all the car meets and car shows and stuff. I met all kinds of people throughout that time.

In Feb. 09 there was a murder in my area (nice side of town). A girl was kidnapped and murdered. The girl attended the same high school i went too but i graduated a LONG time before her. She was kidnapped off 249 and spring cypress... 2 minutes from my house. And her body was found off 290 on a road we used to race on.

March 3rd 09 I got a call from a friend saying that we knew the guy the police arrested. Turns out I knew that guy from the Oscars Creamery Car meet. That guy would follow around another friend of ours. He was some punk quit sissy old looking nerd. Goes to show some times you really don't know the people you surround yourself with.

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