Friday, March 13, 2009

About My Life

My name is Dustin and I am a pretty simple person. Some people think I complicated because I tend to see things in Black & White and not in shades of gray. Things people, including me, do and say is either right or wrong, respectful or disrespectful, harmful or helpful, and logical or illogical. This reasoning and outlook on everything comes from my experiences in my past.

I mostly grew up in Dallas, Texas in a God fearing Christian family. I started off with a few close friends and didn't bother to make many others. We would just hangout and do the few things we enjoyed doing, nothing big. I would be pushed to go to Church and hungout with some of the kids there. In Jr. High I met a friend that would have the longest lasting impact on my life. He introduced me to different kinds of fun, more social fun. In High School I turned into a party animal. On weekends if there weren't parties to go to we would vandalize and do other illegal things.

Then I moved to Houston, Texas. Because of how my mentality was and what kind of fun person I had turned into it didn't take long for me to make the same kind of friends. I would also go out and find a party or we would do illegal things like steeling or vandalizing.

After graduating high school, by the skin of my teeth, I decided to take a year off before I head to College. During this time I began to drink, do drugs, steel, and vandalize like i was invincible. I started getting into cars and street racing became a huge part of my life. A year later I tried to do school but I gave up and dropped all my classes.

I then started spending all my money on fixing up a show/race car. I bought a fast car from a friend in Dallas; A 92 Toyota MR2 turbo with a J-spec 3SGTE from a '98 mr2 that was never produced in America. I then put a custom wide body kit molded into the body with a custom paint job. My racing friends and I put together a Car Club and we organized big car meets all over Houston. I was always getting tickets. In one night I got 9, pulled over 3 times and got tickets for the same 3 things.

I was feeling so great about my life. I was driving a awesome car, had tons of friends, was a head cook at Hooters, hooking up with hot girls, and to top it off I got a town home in an expensive area of Houston. I had all the materialistic things i wanted. I had all the suck-up fake follower friends that everyone wanted. Then it all came crashing down.

My awesome show/race car i spent so much money on broke down to the point of starting from scratch. My best friend got caught doing some bad things and got sent to prison for 40 years; TDC#1317340. The car club broke up. I lost a lot of friends. My partying caught up with me and I gave up. I left the town home and moved back into my parents house. I realized that no matter how 'cool' I looked, I was no better of than a high school kid with a job. God tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me who was really in control of life.

Now I am intensely going to school trying to catch back up. In the fall I will be going to a University. God showed my how easy and quickly this world can turn on you and how easy it is to lose everything just as you gained it. People that take that stuff for granted now really irritates me. I have a few select friends now that have lasted through everything. I left the car scene after seeing how it doesn't get anyone farther in life. I quit drinking after realizing how pointless that is too. Why beer? why not a coke? Cheaper and less associated problems tied to it. I focus most of my time getting my college degrees because that is the only thing that will benefit me over drinking, drugs, cars, parties, and breaking the law. And with God on my side, I now have the experience of life to know and see life in Black and White.

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